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Industry highlands


In the period of the twelfth five years, Nanxun will further optimize resource allocation, strive to build the industrial main platform adjacent to Shanghai and ports, develop comprehensive land and water logistics, focuse on the building of the “3+3” characteristic industrial development system, namely upgrading the three special advantage industries of “metal materials, modern wood industry and new types of textile”, give priority to the development of newly rising industries like advanced equipment, new energy, biological medicine and others, actively promote the modern service industry. As the central hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, Nanxun enjoys obvious location advantages and has perfect infrastructure and the supporting systems, its economic development momentum is vigorous.




Nourishing & thriving


In the period of the twelfth five years, Nanxun will center on the general target of “trying hard for five years to rebuilding Nanxun”, comprehensively implement the three strategies of “establishing ecological district, strengthening the district through industry development, flourishing the district with city development”, regard building great platform, implementation big projects, fostering big enterprises and gathering big industry as a breakthrough, speed up the adjustment of economic structure, and strive to make Nanxun a blessed investment place with centralized capital, gathering talents, perfect platform and flexible mechanism. At the same time, Nanxun will try to improve the level of opening up, adhere to the principles of “Siwai” linkage, promoting internal and external development simultaneously, attracting enterprises with enterprises, perfect the measures of respecting, favoring and prospering commercial business so as to deepen regional cooperation and promote “the return of Zhejiang merchants” and “the return home of the Nanxun merchants”. Besides, Nanxun will strengthen the ability of independent innovation, deepen the construction of the sustainable development district, the provincial demonstration district of science and technology development and demonstration district intellectual property rights, and improve the regional innovation system which takes enterprise as the main body. Finally, Nanxun will strengthen the endogenous development power, and build with high standard the Nanxun Branch of TaiHu Industry Agglomeration Area, and form a big platform where the leading industries are distinct, the supporting functions are perfect and the agglomeration effects are obvious. In a word, Nanxun will make all efforts in building a city of charm in the metropolis circle at the Yangtze River Delta, which is a fresh, clean,rich and happy modern ecological river twon.

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