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About Nanxun
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About Nanxun

Located on the south bank of Taihu Lake and inner the regions south of Yangtze River Delta, Nanxun is a newly rising city of the metropolis circle of Shanghai. With nine towns and a provincial economic development zone, Nanxun has the acreage of 716 square kilometers and a population of 530000.


Nanxun has been prosperous since ancient times. Hundreds of years ago, a group of daring Nanxun prople came to Shanghai, and had become leaders of the opening economic of China, and Nanxun added a colorful story in Chinese modern economic history. Today, the more open minded Nanxun has strengthened technology cooperation, undertaken industry shift, and become a hot place for investment.


In the future, Nanxun will become a blessed pioneering place where capital centralizes, talented persons gather, platforms are perfect and mechanism is flexible.

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